Dystopia in the eyes of New Wave Hardcore band Dregg means a world where humans turn into machines and machines turn into humans. And to combat that, the band wants their fans to follow their lead and channel their inner weirdos. “Privacy is becoming very rare in this modern world, and that drives people to hide who they really are,” says DREGG. “Each band member’s on-stage persona is an extension of their inner selves—the person the outside world doesn’t allow them to be.” 

The five-person band (Christopher Mackertich, Jordan McQuitty, Sam Yates, Aiden Zovic, Wayan Ledwith) from Melbourne, Australia, often don face masks, war paints, and outlandish outfits to put on a lively show that melds hardcore, nu-metal, and hip hop. “We want to push the boundaries of self-expression, open up conversation, and play heavy music while we do it,” says DREGG. 

Inspired by a musical spectrum that ranges from System of a Down to Eminem, Dregg’s defined artistic vision aims at breaking down and analyzing every aspect of life—socially, politically, spiritually, and mentally. “We’re not afraid to step out of the norms of the genre musically and lyrically,” says DREGG. “Now is the time to be completely honest with the world about who you are.”

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